• EmperorSigma

    Current Administration

    February 27, 2014 by EmperorSigma

    Hello, Hola, and Bonjour, to all of the trainers of the Pokémon Fandom! This is the official blog, containing the most up to date Administration. Additionally, it'll contain their jobs.

    This system is new, and because of the people being assigned, they will be fair, and this is just from trust. Though despite my knowledge, I will still attempt to make this system as fair as possible by having each admin connected to specific section.

    • Champion: The Champion, will be head of Administration, just as he leads the region. This position is held by the founder of the wikia, via me. If you come from NF, then you know that I probably ain't the best leader. But because this is Pokemon, a subject I grew up on, I will be completely different.
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