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Gender Male
Caught at Luminose City
Type fire / fighting
Ability Blaze

Speed Boost (Mega Evolution)

Pokémon Information
Current Location With Ben
Original Trainer Ben Yggdrasil
First Appearance

Empire, Ben's Blaziken, is Ben's starter Pokémon and the first pokémon on his team. He recieved it from Professor Sycamore as a Torchic rather than one of the traditional Kalos region starters. He was eventually able to evolve it to Combusken, and finally again to Blaziken. Ben also owns the Mega Stone, Blazikenite, which allows him to make Blaziken evolve once more to Mega Blaziken for a short time. Blaziken is Ben's strongest and most trusted pokémon, and acts as a leader to Ben's other pokémon. This sometimes acts as his downfall as he feels the need to defend them. Empire is also egotistical, and does not like being outclassed, leading him to constantly push himself to the limit.