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Gender Male
Caught at Terminus Cave
Type rock/dark
Ability Sand Stream
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Ben
Original Trainer Ben Yggdrasil
First Appearance

Godzilla, Ben's Tyranitar, is one of Ben's many pokémon, and was one of his last main team captures. While exploring Terminus Cave, part of the cave collapsed. Ben was seperated from his bag, holding his Poké Balls, including the ones for his team members. While continuing get even more lost in the cave, Ben came across a kind, dimwitted Larvitar. Larvitar could sense Ben was lost and would hep him navigate the cave as best he could. The Larvitar ended up leading Ben back the the very wall that was made from the collapse, frustrating Ben, making him think Larvitar was mocking him. Larvitar, though, actually meant to do this, and rapidly began eating the rocks building the wall. After a few stones were consumed, the walls came tumbling down. Ben would then decide to catch the Larvitar, though battle was not done as Larvitar gladly joined him. Ben would name the Larvitar Godzilla. Godzilla would go on to evolve into Pupitar and again into Tyranitar, and with the Mega Stone called Tyranitarite, it can become Mega Tyranitar.