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Gender Male
Caught at Route 14
Type ghost / poison
Ability Levitate

Shadow Tag (Mega Evolution)

Pokémon Information
Current Location With Ben
Original Trainer Ben Yggdrasil
First Appearance

Hamlet, Ben's Gengar, was Ben's final main team capture. While trudging through the marsh of Route 14, a Gastly would begin to haunt Ben and his pokémon. Finally, stopping at the Scary House on the route, Ben would sit in wait for Gastly to appear. Once the ball of gas appeared, Ben had all of his pokéman on hand attack it. Gastly would faint and Ben would quickly catch him. Gastly respected Ben as one of the few not truly scared off by him, and remained on his team. Ben would take Gastly, now named Hamlet, to the form of Haunter. Afterwards, Ben traded Haunter away for merely a moment, before having him traded back. The trade sparked Haunter's evolution into Gengar. Ben also can evolve Gengar into Mega Gengar in battle with the Gengarite, his Mega Stone.