Age 13
Birthday December 24
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Trainer Status
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None (as of late)
Starter Pokémon Red
Personal Status
Relatives Olivia Hunter
Hometown Solaceon Town
Current Residence Kalos Region
First Appearance
Story Debut Froakie, I choose you!

Michelle "Mitch" Hunter is a thirteen year-old trainer of the Kalos region. She is often recognized as the youngest Coordinator to enter a Grand Festival, entering at only the age of 7. Nowadays she focuses on being a trainer with her first Pokemon, a Mareep known as Red from the Sinnoh region.

Character Edit

Mitch is often seen as a child amongst her traveling group, tripping over her own feet & often forgetting things. One of her more prominent characteristics is her lack of knowledge regarding Pokémon. It is unknown why she was chosen to to further record Pokémon evolution for Professor Rowan.

Personality-wise, Mitch tries to distance herself from all feminine things. She keeps to her "tomboy" lifestyle & would never admit to liking anything relatively girly. She stands more on the laid-back side of things, only firing up during battle or other reasons. For the majority of the time, the young trainer is very upbeat & passionate over pointless things. She's shown to be naïve at times. She does, however, take battling seriously & would withdraw from matches she finds obvious to a destined outcome. Though, her doing so is rare because of her headstrong persona & her hatred of losing.

Mitch is an exceptional liar, though she lies only for the better outcome or for a minor cause, as frequently shown throughout the series. She doesn't share information about herself freely, though if asked directly Mitch won't hesitant to answer.


Michelle "Mitch" Hunter was born to the infamous Coordinator, Olivia Hunter, in Solaceon Town. Being born to such a person, contests were everywhere around her, be it in a conversation or on the television. Michelle had always loved watching the contests her mother entered on the TV. She loved admiring the endless amount of ribbons, stuck neatly in the pages of photo albums along with pictures of her mother and her beautiful Pokemon.


One day, around the time Michelle was 5, Olivia came early from a contest to pick up her child from the daycare she had left Michelle in, she caught sight of little Michelle watching a rerun of a past Grand Festival, eagerly while the other children were playing with blocks or fighting with one another. Olivia couldn't help but grin at the sight.

As soon as that year's Grand Festival opened up, allowing contestants to compete, Olivia immediately signed up. The day the contest came, instead of taking her daughter to the daycare, she asked little Michelle to tag along. Michelle had the chance to go even backstage with her mother to see all the Pokemon getting ready. She loved watching all the beautiful Pokemon practicing, even her mother's own, a small Mareep named Red.

Michelle watched the contest on the TV screen backstage, cheering her mother on. Eventually, as the contest went on, Olivia was one of the finalists, going up against another well-known Coordinator, particularly a fan favorite too.

After the long battle, with the crowd at the edge of their seats... Coordinator Olivia had won that year's Grand Festival yet again. As she was walked up to the platform to receiver her badge, she held up her hands in front of the crowd, wishing to be excused as she made her way quickly backstage. Michelle stared at her mother confused, until she eventually swooped up little Michelle in her arms. She ran back(a bit clumsy with her heels) to the platform. "I'm sorry for the wait, everyone! but...", she set Michelle down in front of her, letting the crowd take a look at her, "This is my daughter!" The crowd, like crowds do, cheered for the display and as Olivia was given the Ribbon Cup, she allowed for Michelle to hold it up. From then on, all Michelle ever dream about was to become a Coordinator.

Just like her mother.

Michelle, as she grew up, began to play with the family's now-pet, a Mareep named Red. The two had play-Contests and often worked on routines as performances for their small town. It wasn't until her mother decided to sign her up for her first contest at the age of 6. For it only being her first contest, with the play-practice with her Mareep, they had won! Michelle began to form a love for entering contests and seeing her Pokemon show-off their beauty and skill. It wasn't long until Michelle entered her own Grand Festival. There were many other Coordinators that didn't take her seriously during battles. It might've been cute when she was competing in small-town Contests, but this was the real thing. Michelle showed them by lowering their points, one opponent at a time, with only her mother's Pokemon, Mareep(Red) and Delcatty. It was only two battle away from the finals, when Michelle was finally defeated.

After the loss at the Grand Festival, Michelle's little 7 year-old self fell into quite a bit of sadness. She gave up on contests and training for them all together. Even with the encouraging comfort of her mother, and her Pokemon, she still couldn't pull herself to do it. Mitch began to stray away from all the beauty and glamour of contests.

Overtime, she began to get back into training when she over heard the other kids of her town chatting about heading to Sandgem to start something called "a journey". Interested, when Mitch went to tell her mother about it, she was instead told the two were moving. To an entirely different region!

The two moved to the city of (Here), in a region called Unova.




Mitch is a registered Pokemon trainer, suited with a Sinnoh-styled Pokedex & trainer license.

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More coming soon!


  • All of Mitch's current Pokemon are able to mega evolve at their final evolution.
  • Like a certain trainer, Mitch also turns her cap backwards when beginning a battle, or anytime she's getting serious.
  • Mitch refuses to answer to "Michelle", besides from people close to her.
  • Despite her tomboyish persona, Mitch's Pokemon are all shown to have "cute appeal", for lack of a better word.
  • Mitch's favorite foods are cotton candy and Piplup Puffs cereal.


  • Being sent to the Kalos region by Professor Rowan to further record evolution, she will be given Eevee, the evolution Pokemon, who will later evolve to a Sylveon. < Undecided
    • If not a Sylveon, a Vaporeon.