Gender Male
Caught at Solaceon Town
Type Electric
Ability Static
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Mitch
Original Trainer Olivia Hunter
First Appearance
Story Debut N/A

Red is Mitch Hunter's first pokemon ever. It originally acted as one of her mother's Contest Pokemon, and even a pet for their family.

History Edit

Red was hatched in the local daycare, to another passing trainer's Pokemon. Olivia Hunter(AKA Mitch's mother) would often visit the daycare, to either help out or take home some unwanted eggs. The day she went there, she spotted a small herd of Mareep, being displayed to be taken home. One Mareep, in particular, kept eyeing Olivia as she walked around the daycare everyday. While all his little brothers and sisters were being taken home, he stood in his little playpen, biting anyone else who would try to pick him up. Eventually, when Olivia saw the last Mareep all alone, she took her home. She hadn't noticed his little red sphere but when she did, the nickname Red came to mind. 

Later, as she raised Red along with her newborn child, she started to include Red in her Contest setlist. He wasn't at all fond of twirling and being pretty at all. What he did grow to enjoy where the battles, his main "point-stealer" being his Static. It'd allow his wool to shimmer with the built-up electricity that he'd releasing. A real crowd pleaser, and favorite. 

Eventuall as Mitch grew up, Red became fond of the little toddler, agreeing to the play-practice of Contests. They even entered a few real Contests, eventually heading to compete in the Grand Festival. After the loss, Mitch and Red began to focus on what Mitch calls "real battles". He is currently Red's official starter Pokemon as they have moved.

Biology Edit

Red is an average Mareep, with the exception of having a red sphere at the of his tail, instead of an orange one.


Red, even when he evolves into a Flaaffy, will always keep his red sphere.

Personality Edit

Red is shown to be very confident in his self, like his trainer, and doesn't back down to challenge. As demonstrated in (episode here), he is clearly dominated by (trainer's pkmn here) yet he still stands to battle until he faints. He doesn't like being groomed or having his touched by other people besides Mitch.

He's known to be one of Mitch's Pokemon to come out of his poke ball at will (the other being Riolu), whenever he feels he needs too.