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Sigma's Sableye
Sigma's Sableye
Gender Male
Caught at Saved From Team Flare
Type Dark / Ghost
Ability Prankster
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Sigma
Original Trainer Sigma Juniper
First Appearance

Sigma's Sableye is one of Sigma's firstly partnered Pokémon. When travelling to the Santalune city gym, Sigma witnessed Team Flare attempt to capture him, though from the look on it's face, Sableye hadn't want to be with them. Sigma came to his aid, and defeated team flare with the help of Blood. Sableye liked their teamwork, and found Sigma worthy as a trainer and decided to join him. Despite being a early companion, Sableye has many advanced moves. When he joined Sigma, he didn't want to be captured in a Pokéball, but instead as a traveler, allowing Sigma to have have seven Pokémon in total.

Moves Edit