Hello, Hola, and Bonjour, to all of the trainers of the Pokémon Fandom! This is the official blog, containing the most up to date Administration. Additionally, it'll contain their jobs.

League System

This system is new, and because of the people being assigned, they will be fair, and this is just from trust. Though despite my knowledge, I will still attempt to make this system as fair as possible by having each admin connected to specific section.

  • Champion: The Champion, will be head of Administration, just as he leads the region. This position is held by the founder of the wikia, via me. If you come from NF, then you know that I probably ain't the best leader. But because this is Pokemon, a subject I grew up on, I will be completely different.
1. As the Champion, I will act as a over-seer of the other Adkins, much like Odin (Ben) gets it. If they are unsure upon how to handle a situation, they'd be able to come to me as a aid. I will treat the Rules, as a statement written in stone. Or even like the Greek Gods, I'm influenced by, or even Ben's Norse Myth.
  • Elite Four: The Elite Four will consist of four major admin, in which two I have written in stone; User:Benknightprime and User:East Dragons. These four users are granted the ability to, delete, revert, and do a few other things. They will also be granted ONE aide, to help them on their works.


Currently there are two Admins already, and this will decide the last two. If you want to nominate yourself, or another user feel free to do so. Each user is granted a TWO votes for ONE user. Meaning each user can vote for one user, and can use their other for someone else.

The current users are;

  • Awaiting nominees